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Free Interfaith and Nondenominational Ordinations @

Information on how to make the most of free online ordination beyond simply becoming a wedding minister with personal growth into the realm of spiritual leadership and cosmic awareness. read more

Vastu Consultant @

Vastu is a traditional Hindu system of space design whose purpose is to promote well-being by constructing buildings in harmony with natural forces. read more

Islamic Education from Young Leaders Council @

Find all your Islamic News and Information at Young Leaders Council. Stay up to date with our site by downloading our latest e-magazine. read more

Assisted Lifestyle Community @

Reflections offers upscale senior living at its best! Nestled in a beautiful setting in Lancaster Ohio, we are an assisted lifestyle community. read more

Senior Living  Center @

Reflections offers upscale senior living at its best! Nestled in a beautiful setting in Lancaster Ohio, we are an assisted lifestyle community. read more

Gemini - A Wonderful Sun Sign @

You must have seen several astrologers making a number of predictions everyday. Well, it is becoming a common practice these days. Sun signs are important aspects of astrology and horoscope. read more

Quran @

An Islamic school that offers online Quran teaching services for Muslims. The school also teaches Quran Recitation and Quran reading with translation. read more

Psychic Medium Readings @

Psychic medium readings allow a person or entity from spiritual plane to communicate through communicating information or for manipulating energy systems. will give you psychic medium readings with honesty and integrity for 100% satisfaction. read more

Corded Headsets @

Value headsets provides an extensive range of Plantronic headsets for handsfree solutions: office, mobile, computer, residential, and custom headsets. Value headsets is powered by sound carried in style read more

Life Insurance Policy @

Compare free online life insurance quotes. Find cheap term and whole life insurance policy rates from multiple carriers and save money. read more

Church in Florida @

Southpoint Community, a Christian fellowship church in Jacksonville, Florida offers bible study fellowship and various other fellowship programs for couples, men, women and children. read more

Youth Group Ministry @

Morning Star New York provides Sunday worship services including children and youth ministries for all children and youth to build friendship and draw closer to God. read more

tefillin @

Tefillin - Tefillin and Mezuzot are commandment that even non religious israelies like to uphold. Maybe it's because they fit today's consumer culture. Using Tefillin is not difficult and Mezuzot are not hard to place. After all, we have two Tenets that do not require much investment. The ease of use of both Tefillin and Mezuzot is directly proportionl to the degree of their popularity. At the entrance to non-kosher restaurants in Israel one can be find Mezuzah (even if its not sure that these are Kosher Mezuzah) read more

Witchcraft Spells @

Read about ways to get started exploring the traditional art of Wiccan witchcraft. This site tells you what you must know before you try out a ritual. read more

Holy Land DVD @

Holy Land DVD, Religious Movies CD, Jewish Movies, IDF Movies, Christian Movies DVD, Church Movies, Israel Defense Force DVD, Jewish Films, Jewish Religious Movies, Religious Christian Movie, Israeli Air Force Movies read more

Wiccan Leanings, celebrate tha @

Wiccan Leanings: Wiccan and mystical supply store a place to spark the Wicca in us all. Wiccan clothing, Wiccan shoes, moonstone jewelry, ritual robes, ritual capes, altar tools, Wiccan staffs, candles, gem stones, books, spell kits, and more. read more

Los Salmos @

Salmos - Accede ahora a todos los salmos biblicos - salmo 91, salmo 23, salmo 90, salmo 121, salmo 93, ... El libro de los Salmos es un libro bblico con 150 captulos. Los ensayos de este libro se consideran poemas religiosos alabanzas y oraciones, tanto en el cristianismo como el judasmo y el Islam. Salmos, salmo, salmos de la bblia, salmo 91, salmo 23, salmo 123, salmo 122 read more

Jesus, The Son of God @

Jesus Christ is central to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, which bears His name. is an official Web site of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints with messages about faith in Christ, His life and teachings, and testimonies of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. read more

Islam Religion Beliefs @

What does remember Allah mean? Remembering Allah means remembering “His cause”. Read & Discuss about Forgotten Islam , Allah & Quran, Islam Articles, Science & Islam @ rememberingallah read more

Christian Speaker @

Norm Grant is a christian speaker for conferences, retreats, and special events. God has an unforgettable adventure planned for each and every one of us. Discussing your experiences with others and listening to their stories will help you discern God's call when the time to fulfill your life's adventure comes. Just be alert, be present and forget about your past. for more information please visit us at read more

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